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Paris Corner Pear Potion SPECIAL OFFER

Paris Corner Pear Potion

R 85 - R 699

Swathe yourself in the delightful embrace of blooming spring with our exuberant Pear Potion perfume!

An enticing fruity fragrance garlanded with the ethereal floral undertones of jasmine, Pear Potion scent is as sumptuous as indulging in a luscious pear and apple on a picturesque spring day picnic.

Open the fragrance with the crispiest notes of pear with the woody fruit notes of apple.
The heart notes brim with the most intoxicating and luscious creamy floral notes of jasmine blended beautifully with caramel’s soft but playful notes.
The raspberry and musk scent base notes mould this incredible fruity floral composition into a genuine springtime fragrance.

With Pear Potion fragrance, carry the essence of spring wherever you go!

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