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Paris Corner Eternal Coffee

Paris Corner Eternal Coffee

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Eternal Coffee is a fragrance that celebrates the essence of a beloved ritual—the enjoyment of a cup of coffee. Its aromatic blend of coffee, creamy accords, and indulgent sweetness creates an olfactory symphony that invites you to savor every moment. Inspired by the aromatic richness of freshly brewed coffee, this scent invites both men and women to embrace the eternal allure of this beloved beverage.

At the top, Eternal Coffee unveils a captivating blend of coffee, milky accords, and caramel. The rich and bold aroma of coffee permeates the air, evoking images of freshly roasted beans. The milky notes add a creamy and comforting touch, while the caramel brings a hint of sweetness that tantalizes the senses.

As the fragrance evolves, the heart notes come alive, revealing a harmonious combination of lactonic accords, coconut, and heliotrope. The lactonic accords contribute a creamy and smooth quality, reminiscent of velvety milk. Coconut adds a tropical nuance, transporting you to a paradise of flavor and aroma. Heliotrope lends a hint of floral sweetness, further enhancing the fragrance’s overall richness.

Finally, the base notes provide a lasting and indulgent foundation. Musk adds a seductive and sensual quality, enveloping you in its magnetic allure. Sugar adds a touch of sweetness, while tonka bean brings a warm and comforting aroma. Creamy notes complete the composition, leaving a creamy and velvety trail that lingers on the skin.

Immerse yourself in the eternal allure of Eternal Coffee by Paris Corner Perfumes and let its scent transport you to a world of aromatic bliss and indulgence.


Top: Coffee, Milky, Caramel

Middle: Lactonic, Coconut, Heliotrope

Base: Musk, Sugar, Tonka Bean, Creamy

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